Outcasts and Refugees

Session 31- The much awaited hydra.

So the players headed back into the caves, through the cave entrance they had left from. They followed a long tunnel that climbed slowly upward. They came to a chamber with natural rock columns where a pack of ghouls attacked them. Soon it was revealed that they were subservient to an Intellect Devourer who badly injured Aedric and took control of his body. Aedric mindlessly wandered toward a tunnel in the rear of the room, but won control of his mind before going too far. The group then slayed the rejected beast.
Rivyet found a human hand sticking out of what had been a passage that had collapsed. She found a magical ring on the hand and believed it to be that of the wizard who the flaming skull had spoken of. Strogg took the ring.
The party decided to follow the path in the rear of the room. It seemed to zig-zag with great drops and headed east. The tunnel grew cooler and wetter with each step and soon they could hear the great falls of Skull Ridge. The tunnel opened to an enormous cavern flooded with waist deep water and islands of rock that reached the ceiling. And of course, a gigantic hydra.
The beast let out a deafening roar and went for it’s newly arrived meal. The party tried to fight, but it took all of Dvallin’s healing magic to keep them from dropping like the flies they were to this behemoth.
Finally, Strogg darted out from hiding and seemed to locate a crippling nerve cluster with his short sword. The beast roared, then fell unconscious. The group quickly left the cave through the wall of water from the falls.



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