Outcasts and Refugees

Session 39- The crypt and the creature

I broke with the Harpers on fair terms. All but one may not have guessed my real reasons. I imagine I will be but a minor blip in their long memories.

I practiced hard under their tutelage and was eager to show off my new found powers. What better way to do so than with the Shadowbane Alliance? They always know where evil lurks so that I may hone my skills for good, and need never venture back down a dark path just to test my limits and power…

Luckily, the Harpers were headed in the same direction as the Alliance, and I arrived at New Sarshel not long after the rest of the party. The first place I checked was of course the temple of Kelemvor, where they told me of the inn my fellows occupied. When I arrived it was like old times, with me expertly deflecting the course jests of Kelgar and Strog. It seems I was not the only one to learn new tricks…

They told me about a cavern with insidious goings on—hooded figures stealing children in the night. Perfect. Just the place to test my new skills.

The very next day, we tried an unexplored part of the caverns and found ourselves in a crypt, with 4 stone tombs baring the symbols of Corellon and Pelor. As we were making our way out and into the hall, we were attacked from behind by a flock of sterges! Excellent! This was my chance to see if I could still inspire fear in lesser beasts. My reaction was too slow however, and one latched onto Aedric. Unphased, he easily stabbed the creature with his sword. They were attacking the others too, but my fear soon crept in, and the creatures backed away from me. Distracted by the image of terror, they were at a disadvantage to our attacks and we soon ended them.

We made our way further yet into the caverns to find a running stream. Crossing over it on a wooden bridge, Dvallin cast a ray of burning light onto a mound of algae below. I thought this perfectly stupid, especially for him, until it reared up! It was a creature! It began to attack with acid-laced blows, and I attempted to sap its life away with blight. This worked well, except that it broke into two functional pieces. Aedric dropped the Nai-Ruatha into the stream, and had to retrieve it. While below the bridge, he and Strog had a good go at the creature until it was nothing more than slime.

The bridge, however, collapsed under the strain, and those of us who made it to the other side helped up those still below. We will have to be clever in getting back…



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