Outcasts and Refugees

Session 38- New Sarshel

The lads reached New Sarshel and signed in with the guards at the gate upon entry.
They acquired a place at an inn, but in typical fashion, Strogg decided to pay for all six rooms of the entire second floor for two tenday.
Going about their business:
1.)Dvallin found out about the recent exodus of priests from the temple of Kelemnvor (one of Faerun’s largest) and went to setting it back into a state of function and order, with help from sympathetic priests of other orders and local worshiping volunteers.
2.)The three stooges set off to glean information on the Grand Council, it’s members and practices, and what the problems were plaguing the city and it’s countryside.
It seems that the headman at the center of The Grand Council was a Behroun Marhana, elder and head of House Marhana. Strogg attempted to lure Behroun out with a bluffed business proposition, but it only proved that Behroun was as private and seldom-seen as tavern tales reflected, and that House Marhana had some gullible family members in it’s administrative offices.
Kelgar had devoted some time to sneakily following the patrols of officers in his old station, the Swordpoints. Most of it was yeilded no leads, but this was where the party first heard talk of the Fraternity of Tharos. Strogg associated the name with the old ruined city of Dunn Tharos, in the Great Dale’s northern forest, the Dunwood.
It seemed, through various sources, that this strange group of robed, shadowy folk could be behind all manor of local trouble. Including the disappearance of the daughter of a dear friend of the innkeeper, and other missing persons.
Some information led the three to investigate one of the city’s catacombs near a large, windowless tower, in an older part of the city. But after being attacked by a strange serpent of water and the specters that haunted the tomb, Strogg looked sick and emaciated. It didn’t stop him from venturing further to a room beyond locked portcullis, that turned out to be guarded by the mummified owners of the chamber’s treasure. The mummies were laid to dust and ash though, and treasure was taken.
The group was faced with the decision to advance further into the complex, or retreat to address Strogg’s obvious condition.



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