Outcasts and Refugees

Session 19


This was the one where the party traveled North. I think they caught a boat in Baldurs Gate(?) which would carry their horses. They saw a pirate ship being warded off by a pirate-hunting ship. They got to Waterdeep and found a tavern. Strogg payed a bard to go sing a song to his beloved. His beloved’s father had placed a price on Strogg’s head, however. That night Strogg snuck over to the lavish estate to see his beloved. She informed him that the bard was beheaded and her father knew that “The Eel” was back in town. They made nasty(if I remember correctly), and Strogg split.
The next day, bounty hunters attacked Strogg and Rivyet in the market place. A battle broke out and Dvallin and Aedric showed up toward the end.
Oh, also, Strogg had his old buddy Malaggar search for info on Shar, and discovered talks of the “Citadel of the Bloody Hand”, beneath Mt. Waterdeep.
Apparently the only way in, was through a magical stair hidden in Undermountain. So they decided to delve into Undermountain.



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