Outcasts and Refugees

Session 1

While in the small town of Loudwater, a young man named Aedric Swordson ran across a dozen Dwarfs who were the members of a trade caravan seeking extra guards on their travel, in exchange for a fair amount of coin. Aedric, being a lost soul of sorts, jumped at the opportunity for travel, company and what seemed like fairly easy earnings. So he joined on to travel with the group, to the ancient ruins of Spellgard. The three day journey went along fairly easy and on the morning of his third day, the caravan stopped to pay respect at the burial site of a great Dwarven champion known as Taransen. Here they met another dwarf, unusually thin for his kind, adorned with simple gray robes and chainmail armor barely hidden beneath.
The dwarf was a holy man, with a symbol of Kelemvor, made of gold surrounding a bone disc. His unusual sense of humor immediately triggered Aedric’s curiosities. Though he was stand-offish at first, arrival at Spellgard saw that Aedric stuck close to the dwarf, Dvallin Durin, of Clan Durin.
Dvallin’s breif descriptions of his travels from the region of Impiltur triggered a strange sort of unknown feeling in Aedric. The Dwarf went on to explain his hatred of a villain known as ‘Szass Tam’ and the undead that dominate the region of Thay.
Upon seeking answers about the lady of Spellgard, Dvallin and Aedric spoke with Allendi, the keeper of the Monastery of the Precipice. It wasn’t but moments after that a beautiful, crimson haired woman emerged from the rentable living quarters. She overheard the conversations between the Dwarf and the young warrior and moved closer. She introduced herself as ‘Rivyet’, and engaged in the ongoing conversation about Lady Saharel, as they came to know the spirit by name.
After speaking with Allendi again, he told them of Kuryon, the builder of the monastery, and mentioned that if they wish to speak with him, that they go out into the courtyard. There they saw it, a polished wooden burial marker with the word “Kuryon” engraved into it.
Disenchanted, they went in to try and socialize with the other seekers who were present at the monastery. But right as they did, the dinner bell rang and all social endeavours were halted.
At the same time, the front doors were brashly, even violently, thrust open and a Teifling woman in leather armor burst in with two axes behind her back. She headed intently toward the kitchen and looked around for the supposed merchant who were supposed to have arrived.
The four found themselves seated at the same table and conversation slowly grew. She introduced herself as “Darcary Orcslayer”, sworn to avenge her lost love and slain family. Upon exchanging pleasantries and reasons for being in the city (for those who felt like sharing.), Sister Cherra, a former seeker who now tends to the monastery’s distillery, came over and added some insight to the group’s conversation. She spoke of a slim leather bound book somewhere in the library. A book that Kuryon wrote, called “The Analects of Kuryon”.
The group finished their meal and headed off to the library to search for the elusive volume. After a fair bit of searching, Darcaryn finally identified the book hidden in one of the many stacks. A search for relevant information hilighted three passages of poetry. The group pocketed the book with the intent to return it, once their business was done. It was agreed upon there that they would sleep and reconvene in the common room, first thing in the morning.
The next morning, the group ate their porridge (a double helping for the always hungry Dwarf) and headed out into the ruins of Spellgard. The group decided to investigate the curious “broken tower” that stood crumbling, but very close to the monolithic Scepter Tower. They headed into the guts of the exposed walls when suddenly a trap sprang upon the Dwarf in the lead. A crude, blunt pendulum swung down, batting the dwarf aside. Before the group could even properly assess the situation, they found themselves surrounded by Kobolds. Several guards within the shadows of the broken tower, and two elites guarding one of their shamans, hiding behind one of the broken walls.
The four seekers immediately united in defense. They fought against the Kobolds, each displaying their unique skills. Even the much doubted Rivyet proved that her condescending attitude was a small pain, compared to her biting control of arcane forces. Aedric and Darcaryn sliced through the ranks with unstoppable, enchanted steel. While Dvallin held his ground and seemed to enable his new friends with a drive not previously known to them.
In the end, the Kobold shaman and one of his guards managed to flee. But Dvallin used his healing arts to revive one of the fallen creatures on site. A quick interrogation revealed that the Kobolds assumed the group was trying to invade their tunnels. An entrance to which, was located in the shadows of the broken tower’s rubble. A deal was made, for Dvallin to revive the remaing fallen Kobolds, in exchange for a guide. The Kobold would take them to the rampart where supposed wererats hide.
According to the Kobold, the wererats collapsed the tunnels that the Kobolds dug, which led to the catacombs beneath the ancient city. Acoording to the beast, the wererats are the only ones able to access the passages underneath Spellgard. Though he wishes to stay a safe distance away from the wererat’s new home, he offers to lead you on your way with no trickery.
And so, it seems the group is on it’s way into a further development in their quest for Lady Saharel.



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