Outcasts and Refugees

Oh Gnoll He Didn't!

None of my fellow adventures were injured — only humiliated — after the black-slime-damaged bridge collapsed, dumping them in the river. While they wrung out their clothes, I explored upriver, and unlocked the portcullis gate. Dimming my lantern, I scaled the wall, pausing when I heard voices. The guards (Fraternity of Tharos members?) had been alerted to our presence. I prepared to attack from the shadows, but my bumbling compatriots made a ruckus, and the fight was on. We prevailed, but only with difficulty, as their priests hurled powerful magic at us, binding our lips, and nearly killing me with blasts of death magic. It is good to have Rivyett back with us — her magic is powerful indeed. Dvallin healed me — not the first time and probably not the last. How many of my lives have I spent?

I discovered a hole in the ceiling — exploring it further a sliding ladder was released, and we ascended into a chamber. We discovered a temple of sorts, a status of Orcus, the demon prince, and a tapestry depicting a massive battle between undead warriors vs. elves and men. I relieved myself on the statue (and was not struck down), while Kelgar discovered a passage behind the tapestry. I can only hope that our king Aedric’s map is true.

This time, my attempts at stealth worked, and we surprised and defeated a massive pack of gnolls. Aedric slayed many with his sword, Kelgar felled more with his thorny magic, and Dvallin summoned a huge guardian creature that was truly terrifying and effective.

Onward! I hope we can swiftly defeat the Fraternity of Tharos, and save the unfortunates who have been their prey. It’s good to be swinging a sword again, fighting the good fight!



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