Outcasts and Refugees

Session 30- Fungus Amongus

The party entered the cavern of fungus. The bioluminescent fungus proved benign, but the large stalks erupted in violent shrieks, alerting the darkmantles that clung to the cave ceiling. The group was attacked and sometimes enveloped by the large darkmantles.
Relentless stabbing and slashing won the day, and the party advanced into another cavern with fungus. Small patches erupted into clouds of deadly poison spores. Shriekers shrieked, but were destroyed from range. One large violet fungus actually grew menacing tentacles and advanced toward the group, but was felled through the power of mob violence.
A cave entrance that shone light into the room provided an exit, and the group decided to descend the cliffs and make camp near the river of the great falls of skull ridge. But in the night, when Dvallin was on watch, he detected strange noises. The group was ambushed by a horde of ghouls and a deadly wight. Radiant light burned through the foes, from the cleric’s enchanted holy symbol. Some of the ghouls escaped to flee toward the cliffs, but the wight, upon attempting escape, was seared out of undeath by Kelemnvor’s radiance. Then they managed to get back to sleep.



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