OUTCASTS AND REFUGEES: Strangers, wandering the lands. United by the uncertain promise of prophecy. But through their trials and strength, a bond was forged, that brought them a spotlight on their destinies. A long the way, more joined in their journey. Mostly lost, like them, Aiding in their quest, for lack of any more places to run to. Or perhaps their spirit shines brighter for those who take the time to see it?
When steel, magic, and faith meet, in a dance of blood, you may find these wanderers… These Misfits.

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1.Characters are built by the dice system of rolling 4d6 x6, eliminating the lowest result for each roll, and the sums are applied to the ability of the player’s choice. If the sum of a character’s ability scores do not equal 78 or higher, then the player may re-roll all of the ability scores (but does not have to). There is no maximum cap for ability scores.

2. If a player has to be absent from a session, the players will decide who will play that character for the absent player. At the end of the game, the XP for encounters will be divided equally among the players present at the game. The absent player will receive no XP, but will suffer no XP penalties for their absence in this particular game (outside of the Adventure Log rules, see below).

Playable Character Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Drow. (Though scarcer races, in the Forgotten Realms setting, may be rejected if the player can not come up with a suitable back story.)
Playable Character Classes: All but Monk.


Being on time: + 20xp
Being 15+ mins late: -10xp
Being 30+ mins late: -25xp
Shitty Roleplaying: -50xp
(this has never been an issue, but if someone REALLY just doesn’t
give a fuck, for some reason, I felt a rule was necessary.)
Minimal try at Roleplaying: +5xp
(Not really displaying their character at all, but occasionally
attempting a few phrases or decisions, possibly after being prompted.)
Good try at Roleplaying: +10xp
(You may not totally understand it, but you are clearly making an active
attempt at being your character, and usually do it without being prompted.)
Good Roleplaying: +20xp
(You aren’t FULLY immersed maybe, but you consistently make decisions and
speech that is clearly your character’s motivations and not your own. Also,
you sometimes speak in a different voice, or remember to do minor habitual
actions that your character becomes known for.)
Excellent Roleplaying: +50
(You constantly speak with the voice of your character, and when not, you
make a point to differentiate the two to the group. You are constantly
aware of your character’s habits of behavior, catch phrases, and motivations,
and you almost never stray from them in play. YOU ARE YOUR CHARACTER, in game,
and you know it.)
Adding your character stats or Items to Obsidian Portal(OP): +15xp (a negative penalty will
apply after 4 weeks, in which the DM has to do it for you.)
Adding your character’s background to OP: +20-40xp
Updating you Character on OP: +10xp (in cases of leveling up or similar changes. Negative
penalty will apply after 4 weeks, in which the DM will have to do it for you.)
Updating Adventure Log on OP: +200-250xp (to the player who updates it, based on quality of update.) If by 12:01am, the Sunday before a game, the previous game’s Log is not updated, the DM will update it at his leisure and a -50xp penalty will be applied to each player at the next game.)

Outcasts and Refugees

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