The Nai Rutha

A powerful and beautiful Elven blade, from a time before the Spellplague.

weapon (melee)

Legendary Magic Longsword.
+3 to attack and damage rolls.
*Against evil creatures: When you roll maximum damage, you may roll again and add that result to the total damage. If you roll maximum damage again, continue rolling and adding the result. This is true even with a critical hit.
*Once per day, when you hit an enemy with an attack, you can grant all allies within 50 feet a +2 to their next attack and damage roll.
*The sword can detect gateways or other strange phenomena related to alternate planes. Staring through the gem inset to the blade, the wielder can actually see the other plane.


Ages ago, a weapon of darkness was forged by an alliance between an Ancient Black Dragon and a High Naga of the serpent kingdom. The weapon was given the name “Rage”, in common. A broadsword containing great power that the wielder would possess. But the sword was known to possess the mind of the wielder, as well.
The sword aided in conquering many kingdoms, and soon it cast it’s gaze into the dominion of the High Elves. But the Elves, gifted in both magic and warfare, would not fall so easily.
A grand council of warriors and mages forged their own enchanted weapon. An antithesis to “Rage”, the mighty sword, “Nai Rutha” (meaning “command anger”) was born.
A battle ensued, where the elves drove back the warriors of the serpent kindom, and the two swords met in a cosmic dance. In the end, the clashing of the two powerful blades resulted in both of them being magically transported far from one another. The whereabouts of the blades were lost for centuries.
But nearly 150 years ago, a team exploring the Marsh of Chelimber found one of the many small caves that lead to the lair of the slumbering Ancient Black Dragon. The sword Rage sat upon the dragon’s giant hoard. The team was about to leave when one of it’s members felt a voice calling to him. He took the sword and the entire group made haste retreating from the lair.
Days later, deep in the marsh, they were ambushed by a tribe of Lizardfolk. The sword helped to slay the entire tribe, but it’s thirst for battle didn’t end there. It commanded the wielder to continue feeding the sword with the blood of his compatriots. When the deed was done, the man, fearing death should he return to his lands alone, fled deep into the land of Najara.
It was at this time that several ancient and wise elves woke from a nightmare, in which the Nai Rutha called out to them. They spent the next 50 years trying to locate the sword, through various group rituals. But before they could accompany a party to find the relic, the plague of blue fire destroyed them all. Nothing was left of their knowledge, except for some encoded parchments containing their research.
But in the short time before the Spellplague claimed the life of Cellius Vallerius III, he enacted the spells he’d been crafting from ancient Nethereese magics and transported his friend Bergos, a tiny gold wyrmling, to another plane. The magic also gifted him with the combined research and knowledge of the elven council that had been searching for the Nai Rutha.
Eventually, deep in the Shadowfell, Bergos found the fabled blade and retreated to a lair deep beneath the earth. Hiding under countless dangers, to protect the weapon from falling into the wrong hands.
It is here that the blade was passed to Aedric Swordson Imbrar III, rightful King of Impiltur.

The Nai Rutha

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