Jib, The Goblin Hexer.

A horrible, whining, goblin who you interrogated. Didn't catch his name the first time, but will always remember the second time you met.


Employed by the wererats of the rampart in Spellgard, he had a small defense force of lycanthropes. Also, when he was interrogated, he mentioned the trapped room and the homonculous that guarded the passage to the catacombs. Once the heroes encountered the homonculous, Rivyet was able to learn more about the magic that empowered them. Where the group was expecting ancient Netherese guardians, it was revealed that the goblin himself had filled these creatures with magical life.

Jib was encountered once again, in the depths of the Citadel of the Bloody Hand. He commanded a small band of goblinoids that had decided to serve the Darkmoon Monks that had taken the citadel. After a terrifying battle with the marble golem, known as “The Mountain”, Jib’s band charged in to finish the exhausted heroes. The party proved themselves too powerful though, and the now dead Jib was discovered to have an affinity for women’s jewelry and undergarments.

Jib, The Goblin Hexer.

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