Outcasts and Refugees

Session 35

Loose ends

A ship was chartered and the party headed back to Athkatla, in Amn, and returned the Scroll of Unseen Lands. Aedric was given more historical information about Impiltur and his presumed heritage.
The party stayed near a month in Murann, waiting for Kelgar’s armor and living the easy life.
They then embarked, some with new mounts, on the long road to the heartlands. Eventually the party took a break from travel at the Borskyrr Bridge, a bridge and everchanging town of merchants and travellers. Rivyet witnessed the return of Mystra’s Weave of magic and spells all over ceased to function in their familiar format. Seeing a band of elves, two of which were sculpting small spells, the party made introductions and spent the night exchanging tales and information.
The two bands decided to join each other in travel, at least as far as Suzail in Cormyr, where the party would continue to Impiltur, and the revealed Harpers would continue to Myth Drannor.



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