Outcasts and Refugees

Session 11

Alabaster pillars and giant spiders

After defeating the Oni, the adventurers took time to examine the ring of alabaster pillars along with the plinths and markings in the room. They were clearly part of Thoran’s devious plan to entrap lady Saharel through ritual. Although there was no way to destroy the enchanted pilliars, they did remove them and scatter them, throwing many down the stairs to delay Thoran in case he tries to attempt the ritual with the team still in pursuit. The adventurers were able to destroy the plinths and erase the symbols as best they could.

Before ascending the stairs in pursuit of Thoran, the group asked the wizards, Darcarynn, and Aedric what they knew about the level. Giant spiders likely awaited the group. They ascended the stairs in the usual fighting order with Aedric taking point.

The spiders were gathered in an opening beyond two rooms at the opposite end of the stairs. The bastards could jump far and were upon the fighters instantly. Dvallin was webbed and bitten but took the attack stalwartly, with his new squire, Skirg, assisting his escape from the webbing. Aedric was bitten but resisted the beast’s poison and it felt a bite back as his poisoned armor packed its own punch. His sweeping blows cleaved beasts who dared to cluster too closely near him. Darcarynn used her two-handed ax attacks. Rivyet hung back near the stairs, destroying the creatures’ feeble minds with her biting stare. The wizards flung magic missiles. All together they raged an onslaught till the beasts lay dead.

With the enemy dispatched, the adventurers were able to more closely examine the hall. The two rooms’ doors contained indents that seemed to fit the alabaster tiles the team had been gathering perfectly. Dvallin arranged the tiles to form a pattern on the door and they locked into place. A “click” was heard as the door unlocked. Inside the room were many treasures, including an enchanted ax which Dvallin awarded squire Skirg for his bravery. Darcarynn scored some enchanted leather armor.

The other room contained nothing. The exploring done and many enemies defeated, the wizards decided to part ways with the adventurers. They claimed it was because they trusted the adventurers ability to defeat Tornan on their own. Though suspecting a bit of cowardice, the adventured thanked the wizards for their gracious efforts thus far.



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