Outcasts and Refugees

Session 10

The ritual imprisonment trend, in relation to Spellgard.

After recuperating, the party discussed long and hard the floor above them. Aedric and Darcaryn knew what beast waited there, as did Pelegro, the wizard, and his allies. But only the fighter and ranger had actually come face to face with his deception and brute force. Pelegro and Rivyet offered up their knowledge on the beast and the tactical possibilities of the situation. After much debate, it was decided that Aedric and Dvallin would take point and hold the stairs for everyone to make their way into the room.
Unfortunately, the Oni known as Hector was too quick, and Rivyet found herself the target of his charge, with the wizards and skurg still in the stairwell.
Aedric tried to force the Oni back, as the wizards sent several barrages of magic missiles at the beast. But soon the monster let out a deep breath across the area in front of him. Instantly the adventurers, all but Darcaryn, felt themselves slowed and tired. The ranger ran around the stairwell toward the opposite side of the Oni. She maneuvered across land and air, slashing with the axes as well as she could, then went full circle to try and revive her companions who has collapsed. Her first attempt was on the cleric Dvallin. A success, as she blocked the Oni’s huge morningstar and allowed the dwarf to regain his footing. Soon the rest of the party was back on their feet and the wizards had gained an advantageous position in the chamber.
The melee experts and the cleric fought hard to maintain a flank on the monster, to keep him confused and vulnerable. The strategy paid off, as Darcarynn laid her magical axes into him and drew his last breaths.
On those last passages of air, the Oni looked at her in defeat and said, “If I must die… Do… one thing…. Kill the bastard that held me here…..”
The party reflected on this thought, and took some time to examine the plinths and pillars of alibaster that stood in the room. They knew this was the key to Thoran’s binding ritual. One that could hold Lady Saharel indefinitely, and grant the Shadar-Kai infinite use of her gift of prophecy. Also, in their examination were revealed some small flat tiles of alibaster, that seemed to match a seal on a door in one of the lower levels. The group had to put a great deal of thought into what step to take next.



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