Outcasts and Refugees

Session 34- Dear Gods! Real Sunlight!

(From the annals of Kelgar Ironspine)

After talking to that “tiny” gold dragon with My Lord Ardich, holding the Eel at bay from the blessed wyrms hoard, and patching up our gear, my comrades and I decided to bed down and regain our might. Good thing too, My Lords new sword, The Nai Rutha, lead us indeed to safety but first through a small nest of Slime God worshipers.
Damned things blacked out a whole room with some fowl icky spell, and one of the tricksters go vanish! Not a fair fight! Even with these overwhelming odds, the Eel wriggled passed the cloud of night and with some of my help dispatched a dual-knife wielding curr.
While the battle raged the devilish trickster thinking he was mightier then our Doom Guard, was pinned to a wall by Sir Adrich. Swiftly put down with the combined might of the Lady Rivet and Dvallin.
After a little clean up and another look through the Nai Rutha’s magic handle, A tree with something a different about it was spotted. With caution and keen eyes we discovered a way home! Without delay we entered the portal and emegered in a clearing close to a town, after a little searching we found a wagon and group to travel to Waterdeep. After paying bills and collecting on bets and the like, we all went about our time spending our newly found wealth. Armor was commissioned, Statues were ordered, along with many other necessities and bobbles! Damn its good to see the Sun again!



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